Tanelec Limited manufactures 11kV and 33kV HT pole mounted out door type three phase CT/VT metering units. (Combined current and voltage transformer) suitable for various conditions and applications. All metering units have a one year comprehensive guarantee, and are manufactured to highest quality of workmanship and materials.

Pole Mounted

  • Unit is suitable for H pole construction, consisting of the following:
  • Current transformers on all three phases,
  • suitable for 4 wire metering Five limb three phase voltage transformer
  • Can carry up to 1250A primary current
  • Available in 11 and 33kV
  • VT LV fuses in terminal box
  • Oil level dipstick

Our transformers are designed to meet international standards (IEC standards) using our in-house design team capable of designing solution to meet your specific needs.

One of the core values driving our teams is innovation. Tanelec Limited is able to design transformers to meet your most stringent needs in a cost effective way