Automatic Voltage Regulators

Variation of voltage can have detrimental effects on Utilities and their customers. To prevent customer complaints, loss of revenue due to sub-normal voltage and increased costs due to higher line losses, Tanelec Limited has designed the SVR Voltage Regulator with The Utility companies in mind. With over 40 years of experience, Tanelec Limited has designed the most reliable regulator ever assembled.

Our expertise in both technology and service gives us an additional advantage in the custom engineering necessary for most 3-phase regulator applications. The SVR voltage regulator has proven its reliability and durability in the toughest environments having undergone many improvement since its launch. Unit construction, tough paint and side inspection door are just a few of the time-tested features of today’s SVR. Some of the SVR improvements include:

  • Pressure Relief Device
  • Lightening Arrester Brackets
  • Magnetic type Liquid Level Indicator
  • Magnetic Temperature Indicator
  • Special bushings
  • On load Tap Changer
  • Separate Tap Changer Compartment
  • Customized Controls
  • Special CT/PT