Tanelec Limited manufactures pole and ground mounted distribution transformers from 5kVA to 10,000kVA to maximum of 36kV.


Our transformers are designed to meet international standards (IEC standards) using our in-house design team capable of designing solution to meet your specific needs.


One of the core values driving our teams is innovation. Tanelec Limited is able to design transformers to meet your most stringent needs in a cost effective way.

  • We have products designed to survive in high rain areas experiencing lightning and thunderstorms – Steep wave transformers.
  • Transformers specific to irrigation schemes designed with minimal installation costs in mind while offering highest level of safety to the users.
  • Dry Cast Resin Smart Transformer (Dry type transformers) – Designed for areas requiring minimum fire hazards such as airports and hospitals.

Our raw materials are sourced from reputable suppliers across the globe meeting strict quality control checks before the materials are allowed to be shipped to the factory.


At Tanelec Limited, Quality is of utmost importance and synonymous to TRUST. We believe in being right the first time and such quality checks are woven in the entire production process. Every parameter is checked and recoded at every stage ensuring quality control and traceability to guarantee you only the finest.

At the end of the production process, all our transformers are subjected to full routine tests including high voltage and performance tests as per IEC standards and customer specific requirements.



Tanelec transformers ensure:

  • Minimal vibration and noise
  • Excellent mechanical strength against short circuits
  • High impulse withstanding capability
  • Top quality powder paint surface finish
  • Long life expectancy


Standard  Optional
Porcelain HV and LV bushing  Plug-In Bushing
Earthing Terminals  Cable Box
Thermometer Pocket  Neutral CT
Pressure relief valve  DGPT2
Visual oil level indicator  Dial Thermometer with 2 contact
Lifting Lugs  Oil level indicator with 2 contact
Drain Cock  Pressure relief valve with contact
Rating Plate  Automatic Breather – tank with conservator
Silica gel breather – Tank with conservator  Rubber air bladder



Winding temperature indictor
Buchholz Relay
Skid or Rollers