This page lists just completed projects.


Tanelec Transformers account for the majority of distribution transformers in Tanzania. We have continued to support the utility and private sector through the supply of reliable world class quality transformers and switchgear. Currently, we are supporting many turnkey projects through the supply of transformers in phased and scheduled arrangement.



Just concluded supply of DF tender to RECO for Transformer and switchgear material. Some of our recent and current projects in Kigali include: Inyange food processing factory - Transformer and switchgear supply and installation, Kigali City Towers, Insurance Plaza, Rugezi Minihydro…..



Tanelec has supported the Utility and private sector in Uganda through supply of Transformers and switchgear. Through our service and refurbishment offering, many transformers have been restored to working condition at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Currently Tanelec is working on a project to refurbish more than 500 transformers from varied manufacturers that have failed over the years.