Our Product Range - Low Voltage Switchgear


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Proven record for high quality switchgear.

Tanelec has a proven record for producing high quality switchgear which meets IEC standards. This we have done by combining both basic local knowhow and the latest global technology to produce
and design our products to offer defined excellence.







Generation, distribution and general use of electrical energy.

Our Low Voltage switchgears are used extensively in the generation, distribution and general use of electrical energy.




Designed with individual compartments, circuit breakers, busbars, cable (feeders) and instrument compartments.




Other Switchgear products include:

Transformer and generator changeover controls
Distribution Panels
Metering panels
Metering boxes
Solutions specific to customer needs

  • Easy installation
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Lower losses for cables and transformers
  • Increased power transmission capacity in cables
  • Increasing transformer capacity
  • Improved voltage stabilization in long
Quality Control
  • All our switchgear products are 100%
    tested in accordance with the relevant
    IEC standard.