About Us.
About Us.

About Us.
TANELEC Limited commenced its operations in Arusha, Tanzania in 1981.
We are well equipped to provide full customer support for all our products and at the same time offer comprehensive repair and service capabilities.





Vision & Mission
Our Vision

To be the leading and preferred provider of distribution transformers and switchgear in Africa.

Our Mission
To be a responsive and dynamic company that exceeds customer expectations and to increase our market footprint and share in Africa through the provision of high quality product and services.






Our Culture
At Tanelec we work hard to promote a team spirit within all levels of the company. We believe our employees are our greatest resource and as such strive to provide occupational health and safety and ensure safe working conditions by constantly auditing our internal processes and making improvements as we identify them. We also work at promoting team spirit within all levels of the company.
Communication is key to ensuring our whole workforce is always aware of how we are performing, our challenges and opportunities and what we need to do to ensure that we are constantly improving. Open communication ensures new ideas can be presented and incorporated. We also constantly monitor standards to ensure principles are maintained. We are committed to our own Code of Practice and Business Ethics policies.


Our Core Values
Employees, customers and public safety.
Ensuring that our business ethics are unquestionable
Demonstrating our social and environmental responsibilities
Customer care and service beyond expectation